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Tips For Writing A Microeconomics Essay

Tips For Writing A Microeconomics Essay Microeconomics Essay: Topic of Relevance A big challenge many students face is coming up with a unique topic to write about. Crafting the right question is a crucial part of your writing progression. Just one poor choice and the results can be devastating. In order to choose the right choice topic, figure out which topic you are conversant with because the more you know about it, the easier it will be for your writing process. Choosing your topic in haste can result in very disappointing results since your final work will be jumbled up. Take your time while figuring out the topic of discussion that you are familiar with, do personal research of how best you know it and if it fits your description, draft it. Many students assume that sitting down to brainstorm, conduct research and finally structuring the right question is a waste of time. What you should understand from this is that the time you have invested will save you more time and energy when writing down your essay. Our article has researched and came up with the 65 common topics, particularly in areas microeconomics essay papers focus on. The list consists of both broad and narrow scoped topics. Important Areas of Research Microeconomics is a branch of economic science that entails elements of a scientific study. This study through research has conveyed ways of helping economists predict economic propensities. For instance, they can foresee the market reaction when a specified group of individuals comes up with a purchasing decision. Keep in mind that this model is based on the predictions which are limited to highlighting possible changes on the market. This relates to the market incentives which may give you different results from the ones you predicted. Below is a list of 15 broad-spectrum topics that any micro-economics paper question can be crafted around: Finding a balance for supply and demand Opportunity costs Information economics Elasticity (the extent on variable response can quickly change in another variable) Ecological problems facing the US and Europe due to planned economies Production costs Game theory Flawless competition Consumer demand theory (the ability of the consumers to strike a balance between the need for buying a product, or services rendered and the costs charged). Economics of labor Market structure and the systems that run it Conditions to be met or a microeconomic model to be implemented. Mention the interaction between natural, industrial and household. An argumentative essay based on the microeconomic market organization Theory of production (a study that explains how inputs are converted to outputs). The effect of monopoly on the market (how a single dominant organization that supplies a particular commodity influences the marketplace dynamics and the consumer demand theory Microeconomics Essay Questions Relating to Supply and Demand How is pricing influenced by the dynamics of supply and demand How is the labor market a major influence of supply and demand? Is there an active role the labor union contributes to this? How do diverse market structures influence supply and demand? Microeconomics essay questions that focus on Ecology and Nature How do seasonal variations affect the economy? Discuss ways you can reduce the influence of a small business on an environment How do companies maneuver through ecology based on market and planned economies? What is the overall effect of enforced travel fees on eco-responsibility? What are the indicators of ecological economics that help define its effectiveness? What is your take on the concept of green business process management? Is a crucial part of environmental economics? Does the concept of sustainable development really assure sustainability in terms of Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics Green Economics? What is the ultimate purpose of Ecology, and what do we hope to achieve in advancing the field? What do you think are the differences between green economy and ecological economics? Which paradigm(s) is (are) the most suitable for assessing the economy-environment relationship? How can ecosystem service (ES) assessments be designed to include equity issues about the distribution of benefits and costs of ES use? Explain the concept of Payment of ecosystem services and watershed restoration How to quantify forest ecosystem services such as aesthetic values, recreation, etc.? What is an ecological modeling reference? Can green economies exist outside green markets? What is the basic difference between Ecological Economics and Environmental Economics’? Micro-economic Essay Based on Healthcare Economic models that are applicable in the informal payments of healthcare systems Describe what you can learn on cost-effectiveness analysis of healthcare interventions What are the main characteristics of a private healthcare care system? Explain the correlation of healthcare profits to taxation Micro-economic Essay Questions on Business, SMB, and Manufacturing Economics Problems experienced by a new business due to the current market dynamics? What is the law of diminishing returns and how do you handle its effect on input? How do you develop the profit returns of a business? What is the impact of local manufacturing to the community? What is the effect of purchasing local produce on the economy of a country? What are the main aspects of a successful business? What are the advantages of having a good working atmosphere for a business? What ways can a business employ to survive an economic crisis? How do small companies compete with well-established rivals? Do a case study of business foreseeing closure and make an analysis of alternatives? Carry out research and document the local trends within a community that influence the expansion or opening of a business Benefits of the no-sale policy on a business What are the effects of the recession on a company? Provide a specified company as your specific enterprise to talk about. What are the ways of reducing risk and loss in an expanding business? Define and analyze the traits of a strong leader in a business enterprise What are the strategies you need to employ to ensure a small business does not go bankrupt? Does crowdfunding have any benefits? discuss Discuss the benefits of creativity and their influence on the success of a company Micro-economic Essay Based on Aspects of Social Media, PR, and Advertising: Explain ways advertising influences purchasing decisions How are advertising and microeconomics associated? What are the benefits of this? What are the chances that a business will successfully maneuver through a quality related scandal? The importance of social media advertising in encouraging supply Explain pricing as compared to salary in relation to a minimum wage increase The above samples are relevant in your research for ideas about essays that relate to micro-economics. By reading through this list, I hope that you will get inspired to come up with your own. However, this list should be utilized as a guideline to tailor your own essay question that you can best handle based on your knowledge about it. The topics covered are just a few out of the many that you can find upon research. A Sample Essay for Microeconomics Below is an essay that we have created for you to give you an in-depth understanding of the writing of a microeconomics essay: QUESTION: Has industrialization posed a threat to nature? What effects does the destruction of nature have on economics? Between the years 1970 up to 2012, the economy of the United States has grown steadily to the 100 percent mark. This, however, was not easily achieved, since the natural environment has suffered pollution. Even with the many anti-pollution policies made and adopted by the United States government, the action towards upholding their integrity has been minimal.   Prior research estimated that carbon dioxide emissions have only decreased by 12% within the period of 2007 and 2012. Carbon dioxide, however, is the one out of the many toxins that affect the environment. This is a clear indication of the negative effects that many businesses and companies contribute to with their ignorance on controlling and eliminating pollution. Microeconomics describes pollution as an externality. The meaning of an externality is an act that distresses third party people who were not related to the action.   This phenomenon can pose both positive and negative problems. For instance, if you live in an area where there is a nightclub which you do not attend but you always hear the loud thuds and noises each time it is operational, you are considered an externality. This is a situation where you can you are not part of the activities that are around you but the events happening reach you. This can be either a positive or negative experience depending on how you feel about it. Pollution, however, will always be a negative externality since it poses harmful effects on humans, animals, and plants. With the increase of demand for commodities, production rates have been increased; thus an upsurge in the toxic by-products which pose a threat to the health of the environment.   This trend sieves through societys moral standards and eventually becomes a custom to them. Maintaining a healthy environment can only be achieved if the amounts of commodities manufactured by a company are reduced. This, however, will be hard to achieve because everyone is out to search for their source of wealth, and do not care about the consequences that might arise. As a way for managing this trend, most of the economists suggest that each cost of production should have a budget for the cost of pollution. The list provided should cover the following aspects; the influence that the pollution has on human health and safety, the resulting effect it extends to property value, its effect on recreation events and its effect on the wildlife habitat. Here is an example of how the cost consideration should be summed up: A company manufactures freezers at a production cost estimated at $700 per unit; the cost of production will increase to $150 per unit if pollution management production is included in the production of the freezer.   Several units that could be produced will take a downward dive due to the increased expense. This will affect the sales price which will shoot up since the cost production has significantly gone up. Within the customer’s perspective, when it comes to choosing a product that is eco-friendly, or the one that lacks this element and is cheaper, the customer will always opt for the cheaper option. This means that the eco-friendly companies will suffer a loss despite the fact that their product is of more quality than the one they chose. To reduce pollution, the consumer trends adopted by many should change and opt for eco-friendly products. To enforce this dynamic, government legislation may have to be put into order, where the damage cost exceeds the normal cost to ensure producers change their designs to more eco-friendly products. This type of conditions will be the reason for the shift of economic perspective to the protection of the environment.†

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Organisational Learning and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organisational Learning and Design - Essay Example Previously, it was believed that the companies have to identify the extraordinary potential candidates and prepare them for future senior level positions (Belet, 2007). Recently, the organisations have stressed the importance of changing the business structures so that the culture imperative for learning enterprises can be supported (Mishra & Bhaskar, 2011). Moreover, there needs to be a balance between the leadership and management development aspects so that reforms are easily commenced. In order to evaluate the significance and challenges of the learning organisations, two articles have been reviewed. According to Mahoney (2000), the concept of learning companies was initiated in 1990s and there is no perfect solution for creating such organisations. It is mandatory for the corporations to foster leadership within each level of the organisations from the directors and senior managers to lower management level. Also, equally important is the conception of a culture which will assist the enterprises in the development and augmentation of learning organisations. On the other hand, Belet (2007) studied the concept of building high potential executives in French companies for crafting learning-oriented organisations. According to the author, there is still presence of the hierarchical and centralised leadership styles in these enterprises and the leadership development programmes are ineffective in bringing the desired changes within the firms. Hence, there is requirement of embedding the learning organisation characteristics within the businesses so that they can comply with the changing market structures. In today’s contemporary business world, the organisations have to adjust their structures and frameworks to make sure that they have the compatible systems and tools for responding to the markets. It has been mentioned by Mahoney (2000) that it is the responsibility of the directors and senior managers to

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Critically discuss the relationship between knowledge and power in one Essay

Critically discuss the relationship between knowledge and power in one or more of the public institutions i.e (Universities, schools, museums) referring to specific examples or case studies - Essay Example Many researchers have concurred that knowledge is always a product of power. Power and knowledge have always been intimately connected in the institutions of higher learning. Universities all over the world are practicing under the power relations of their societies. For example a number of research activities in the universities are often funded by the industries as well as political institutions holding power. There are a number of cases at the University of Cambridge where the relationship between power and knowledge is displayed. For example knowledge and power have been significantly used together to enhance the freedom of individuals as well as assert discipline on the members of the University community. The use of new technologies in public institutions and particularly in the universities and colleges has significantly reshaped the relationship between power, knowledge and learning. The current information explosion driven by rapid adoption of internet all over the world has led to more questions regarding the relationship between power and knowledge. On the other hand, the new knowledge acquisition methods have also significantly changed the relationship between the learners and the sources of knowledge. With regard to the relationship between power and knowledge, University of Cambridge has developed an institutional framework that manages the relations of power in the university. For example although the private donors can not directly influence the key academic appointments, they usually fund various academic posts or faculties and this only means that the study programs at the university are determined by those wielding power. On the other hand, the knowledge produced is often a product of the university procedures. This paper uses Cambridge University as a case study to analyze the relationship between knowledge and power in public institutions. Power and knowledge are often used hand in hand in public institutions to enable the

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Spain’s Golden Age Essay Example for Free

Spain’s Golden Age Essay Spain was at its most glorious stately place in the 17th Century, at the time when Miguel de Cervantes wrote his classic novel, â€Å"Don Quixote†. The country had established its colonies all over the world, controlling Mexico, Peru, Cuba, the Americas, and even going as far as Asia, in the Philippines. Silver and gold poured in to catapult Spain in economic and political splendor, making it the world’s superpower at that time. Historians call this period the golden age of Spain. However, it was also during this glorious era that Spain had ruthlessly suffered its inevitable defeat, the most popular of which is the destruction of the Spanish armada in 1588, by English forces. Because of this, the country found itself in an atypical, conflicting period, a period wherein a new age was rising to the surface, a period wherein the country was suspended between grandeur and degradation. While the cause of Spain’s decline is debatable, one thing is historically certain: its kings were having trouble with managing the vast territories, and numerous antagonistic events, like the plague in Castille that claimed many Spanish lives, contributed to the country’s saddening fate. Catholicism, Spain’s dominant religion was also on the decline, spurring conflicts against other religions like Islam and Protestantism, stemming from the crusades in earlier history. These noteworthy historical occurrences are evident in â€Å"Don Quixote†, since the novel illustrates the highly diverse Spanish sociological and political experience at that time. However, it is Cervantes’ personal experience, sociological and political, that serves as the most potent source of the novel. It contains elements in parallel with the novelist’s own life; for instance, the Algerian pirates appearing on the Spanish coast, the Moors being exiled, the Spanish prisoners failing to escape are similar events in Cervantes’ own life. Spain: The 17th Century Superpower Page 04 The sociological and political structure of 17th Century Spain had a direct, powerful influence in the writing of Spain’s classic golden novel. The Romances: Spain’s 17th Century Literary Tradition The dominant literary tradition in this â€Å"golden age† was the chivalric romances. Spain’s Arts and Humanities were loaded with popular writings of knights upholding chivalry. The main characters of these stories and verses were knights who set out protecting and saving those who are weak, who go from one place to another to do good deeds. The romances contained melodramatic tones and exaggerated heroic feats that the emotions illustrated seemed to be too sentimental, and the events portrayed seemed to be too heroically impossible. The main character of the novel â€Å"Don Quixote,† was also a knight who set out to save people, but he was portrayed in a humorous light, and his adventures were played out in such a ridiculous way that it was clear the novel is a parody, a mockery of the chivalric romances so popular in Cervantes’ time. The novel, in this context, was a scathing commentary of the literary tradition of the romances. The upholding of chivalric ideals in the novel, however, produced another commentary on Spain’s 17th century literary tradition, this one being quite positive. Cervantes was careful not to assail the code of chivalry because he himself believed in it. The ideals may be communicated in a humorous manner, and through a humorous character, but the message was quite evident: the belief in chivalric ideals is never wrong. â€Å"Don Quixote† was a novel that educated its readers at the time when they most needed such an instruction. The decline of Spain was apparent, and yet its literati favored romantic literature which subscribed to impossible feats and exaggerated Spain’s Golden Age Page 05 characters. The wide acceptance and phenomenal success of â€Å"Don Quixote† only proved that Spain’s literary market truly appreciated the enlightenment provided by Cervantes. Springboard for the Novel, â€Å"Don Quixote† The historical context and the literary culture of Spain in the 17th century served as major prompters for the writing of â€Å"Don Quixote. † We can clearly see that Miguel de Cervantes was greatly influenced by the sociological, political and literary conditions in his time that he incorporated and used these real-life elements in his novel. Cervantes relied on his social and political experience to produce a literary work that reverberates with sociological and political themes, themes which are in perfect consonance with his real-life setting. Spain’s dual condition of grandeur and degradation in his time prompted Cervantes to explore the themes of human identity and morality, providing a commentary on the social mores. More importantly, the novel is rich with historical influences, of events that actually happened in 17th century Spain. The literary culture of 17th century Spain, on the other hand, played a key role in the writing of â€Å"Don Quixote,† for very obvious reasons. The chivalric romances popular at that time made the novel an interesting, radical read because it departs from its formula. The characters, Don Quixote and his loyal squire Sancho Panza, embody the chivalric ideals upheld by the romances, but they also destroy the image of the impossibly heroic knight by being humorous caricatures of chivalry. Moreover, their ridiculous adventures make a mockery of the exaggerated heroic feats portrayed in the romances. These influences are strongly pronounced in the text of â€Å"Don Quixote† thereby proving that Miguel de Cervantes was a writer who used his golden age experience to write a golden novel. Spain’s Golden Age Page 06 References Barrio, J. F. (2007). The golden century. Si, Spain. Retrieved November 17, 2007 from SiSpain. org. /http://www. sispain. org/english/language/golden. html/ Phillips, B. and Davidson, S. (2007). SparkNote on Don Quixote. Retrieved November 17, 2007 from cgi. sparknotes. com. /http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/donquixote/.

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High School Graduation Essay example -- Personal Narrative

Graduation Epidemic My high school graduation was one of the saddest moments of my life. Although I was excited about graduating, I did not know what I was going to do with the rest of my life. In Maya Angelou’s â€Å"Graduation,† Angelou was excited and proud of all that she had accomplished. In Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"A Late Encounter With the Enemy,† Sally Poker Sash was proud that she was finally graduating and just wanted to show that off to all the â€Å"upstarts†. In the two readings the pupils are contrasting in a few different areas, and a couple of those areas are in pride and feelings that their families have being involved in the graduation.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In both of the readings the pupils have a great sense of pride; however the pride is in different things. In Maya Angelou’s â€Å"Graduation,† Angelou’s pride is in her no absences, no tardies, and her academic work. Angelou has worked extremely hard to achieve the thing that she has and that is what makes her proud. She was proud of the fact that she could say the preamble to the Constitution faster than Bailey. On the other hand is Sally Poker Sash in Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"A Late Encounter With the Enemy†. Sash’s pride is in finally graduating after twenty years of school. She also wants to show her degree to the â€Å"upstarts† and show them that she has this degree, but she is not going to change the way that she teaches. The whole purpose in going to school was to learn the correct way of teaching and just to spite the upstarts Sash sti...

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Reading Comic May Help Students Do Better in School

Comics as Learning Opportunities Comic books have come a long way since their inception more than 75 years ago. Particularly in the past decade or so, comics have become increasingly recognized for their potential literary value. Offering a combination of reading and visual stimulation that research shows many pre-teen and teen-aged boys prefer, comic books can, according to some studies, help improve literacy. And this learning potential has not gone unnoticed. Take the non-profit Kids Love Comics, whose main mission is to raise awareness of comic books as educational vehicles.Consisting of comic book creators and publishers along with educators and even fans, the organization, through tours and participation at comic book conventions, seeks to make comics more accessible and available to children. Encouraging Creativity Children can develop writing and reading skills when they are given the chance to create their own comics through New York City's Comic Book Project. Established in 2001 and hosted by the Center for Educational Pathways, the program emphasizes learning by having children express themselves through drawing and writing comic books.And Reading With Pictures, a nonprofit organization founded by graphic novelist Josh Elder in 2009, strives to provide comics for educational use by raising awareness in schools around the country. Its goal is to ‘get comics into schools and schools into comics. ‘ The organization conducts research, consults with schools, works with cartoonists on scholastic comics and assists universities in designing courses focusing on the study of comics. Equating Enjoyment with Reading Well-known comic book writer and editor Stan Lee, who created, among others, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and the X-Men, founded the Stan Lee Foundation in 2010.The nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing literary resources and fighting illiteracy. To that end, in May 2011 it joined forces with Team Prime Time, a Los Angeles- based foundation offering programs for low-income and developmentally-disabled children. When asked if he was surprised that comics and education could be combined, Lee answered that as far back as the 1960s he had begun receiving letters from teachers heralding the positive effects of comics on their students. These teachers indicated that they saw improvement in grammar and composition in children who read comic books.Studies show that comics can help young and beginning readers better understand narrative concepts, story structure and character development. At an event at Dodger Stadium hosted by the Stan Lee Foundation and Team Prime Time, graphic novels were given out to any child in attendance. ‘Comics really are a good aid to getting kids to read more literature, increasing their vocabulary and making them want to read,' Lee told IGN Entertainment. He added, ‘If you're a kid†¦ you begin to equate enjoyment with reading. ‘

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Poverty Is The Shortage, Deficiency, Or The State Of A Person

Poverty is the shortage, deficiency, or the state of a person who lacks a certain amount of material property or currency.1 Poverty is a versatile idea, that has communal, economic, and political fundamentals.2 Poverty can be defined as absolute or relative. Absolute poverty is lacking necessities like food, clothing, and shelter.3 Relative poverty is someone’s economic statues and how they are materialized. The United States has dealt with poverty for centuries. The amount of Americans existing in poverty in the United States was anticipated to be 35.9 million in 2003 with almost 12.9% of the people in poverty being under eighteen.4 Poverty directly effects the ingenuous children who grow up in hardship suffering families and sadly, studies show that poverty tends to move from one generation to the next.5 In today’s society, you are technically considered poor if you are only making close to 20,000 dollars a year, live in a little home, and drive a beat up car.6 In other cultures and society’s you are doing extremely well if you can provide food, water, and a roof over your families head. With food, water, and a roof over your head you can survive. A lot of the problem in America though is that a lot of people do not have these things. This is the reason why it is hard for people in severe poverty to survive here in America. Another big reason for poverty in America is because of the lack of physical well being.7 Physical well being is all about how healthy youShow MoreRelatedHunger Among Children In United States Of America . Nowadays,1366 Words   |  6 PagesHunger among Children in United States of America Nowadays, hunger is not only linked with food it is also related to the family income level, also, it represents the feeling of starving to the time that it is disturbing or even frustrating. Oxford dictionary define hunger as â€Å"A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat.† Indeed, most people would admit that when someone is starving, they are not performing to their absolute potential. This senseRead MorePica1443 Words   |  6 Pagesrelated disorders. Stress factors such as family issues, pregnancy, poverty, parental neglect, and a disorganized family, are strongly linked to Pica. There are different variations of Pica; it can be genetic, could be desire for the taste, tried once and enjoyed it, or an iron deficiency. It can lead to a â€Å"drunken state† in children, which can result in negative physical and mental development. Pica can lead to nutrition deficiencies and can cause surgical emergencies. Furthermor e, these will leadRead MoreLincoln Memorial University ( Lmu )942 Words   |  4 Pageschartered by the State of Tennessee on February 12, 1897. LMU is situated in Claiborne County, Tennessee, which some consider to be located in the central region of Appalachia. The large, rural service region of the University includes some of the most isolated, impoverished, and undereducated counties and communities in America. Claiborne County, TN, where the main campus is located, is rated as a Persistent Poverty County by the Economic Research Service department of the United States Department ofRead MorePoverty in Our Own Backyard1677 Words   |  7 PagesPoverty in Our Own Backyard Poverty has many faces, it can be the sad face of a little girl that sits next to your child in class who doesn’t have enough money to buy lunch again, the woman with a haunted stare, standing next to you on the elevator who has an overdrawn bank account and the bank is threatening to foreclose, and it could even be the family of five that lives next door that doesn’t have enough money to put supper on the table again tonight. There is the pleading veteran dressed in dirtyRead MoreThe Nation of Brazil Essay1700 Words   |  7 PagesAmazon Rivers contain most of the forest in Brazil, which are going extinct due to the amount of trees cut down each year. Brazil shares a border with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador. It is divided into 26 states and a federal district. Brazil contains states such as Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Parana and the capital Brasilia. The climate is mostly tropical in the north but temperate in the South. The summer is from November to March and winter is fromRead MorePoverty in the Dominican Republic Essay1362 Words   |  6 PagesDevelopment throughout the life of a person depends on nourishment, shelter, education, and many other factors. A person cannot lead a full life without catering to their needs and interests, and living in poverty does not help. Poverty levels affect many people all over the world, specifically, the Dominican Republic. I recently took a trip there with my mother, and, during this trip, I noticed many dilapidated homes that housed under-nourished families. I feel that these situations do not helpRead MoreSouth Afric A Global Issue1490 Words   |  6 Pagesthroughout history. Now Liberia has made it all the way to number four on the â€Å"Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World† list (Poorest). World hunger is a global issue, but is most prominent in parts of Africa and Asia; Liberia being one of the many places (Person). A number of things ca n cause hunger, but some of the most common reasons are the lack of money, the lack of resources, and the incapability of trading goods. Though the causes of world hunger in Liberia are economical, the effects are mostly socialRead MoreReflection on Hunger Essay1579 Words   |  7 Pagessetting in any house today. A structural condition that may contribute to the cause of world hunger is poverty and the government. Poverty has a great factor with regards to mass starvation. Broom and Germov (2009) concluded that â€Å"despite the fact we have the ability to produce enough food to feed everyone on the planet, global hunger will continues to plague millions each year due to poverty and a lack of global effort directed at redistributing sufficient resources† (p. 80). Money is the key toRead MoreDrinking Water Is An Essential Basic Human Need Essay1367 Words   |  6 Pagesestimated that every person needs 20 - 40 liters of clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and other fa ctors that affect your health. (Editorials, 2010) The lack of access to improved water affects those living in poor, developing regions; however, even populations living in countries with exceptional water facilities are still prone to waterborne disease outbreaks. For example, there were at least 33 outbreaks associated with drinking water reported in the United States of America during 2009Read MoreHuman Behavior And The Environment1899 Words   |  8 Pagesdifferent from each other, such as behavior, education, beliefs, values, culture, traditions, and age, but the share common social class. Sue Shelton, age 79, retired factory worker currently living in Palestine, Illinois. Sue grew up in Washington State, moved later to Palestine, Illinois to marry Richard Shelton and 4 children, two daughters and two sons in Palestine, IL. Growing up in urban city was too busy and stressful, but her parents have tough Sue to work hard, optimistic, and use effective